The variety of educational and professional backgrounds of financial crime prevention professionals has historically been both a strength and a weakness for the profession. While there has been a surge in professional qualifications over the years, the integration of academic knowledge and research into the profession has been slow.

One of The Institute's aims is to nurture future leaders in financial crime prevention. Understanding the importance of higher education in cultivating experts, we are introducing a Student Membership at a nominal fee of £25 for students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes with a nexus to anti-money laundering and financial crime prevention.

For £25, students registered on eligible programmes can receive membership for the duration of their studies. This membership grants access to our webinars, virtual events, and publications. Additionally, students will have opportunities to connect with leading industry experts and participate in in-person events, workshops, and seminars. Our news, insights, and regular industry updates will keep them informed of the latest trends and challenges in financial crime prevention.

The Student Membership, designed for students enrolled in degree programmes that focus on developing skills and knowledge in all aspects of financial crime prevention, aims to merge academic excellence with practical industry application. This initiative encourages knowledge exchange between academia and industry and further safeguards the integrity of the financial system against money laundering, fraud, and other economic crimes.

Joining as a student member

To benefit from the Student Membership, please contact us using your university email account and provide a confirmation of your enrolment. Once we have verified your student status, we will send you a payment link to complete your membership registration at the fee of £25. This will grant you access to all the advantages of the Student Membership, including webinars, events, and valuable industry connections.

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