At The Institute, we understand that the growth of any profession hinges on the continuous evolution of its knowledge base. This is particularly true in the financial crime prevention profession, where the dynamic nature of financial crime demands constant adaptation. Our research not only focusses on preventing financial crimes, but on nurturing and advancing the profession itself. We merge academic perspectives with practical applications to craft more robust strategies in financial crime prevention. Our goal is to integrate theoretical understanding with practical, real-world applications, offering thought leadership through our research and publications.

By converting academic and practice-based research into practical, actionable insights, we aim to raise the standards and effectiveness of financial crime prevention across various regulated sectors. Our focus is on empowering professionals in the field with the latest knowledge and tools, ensuring that the profession, as a whole, remains effective in combating financial crime.

In addition to conducting our own research, we promote financial crime prevention related research through:

  • Active partnership in academic and professional research;
  • Facilitating the involvement of individuals, groups and organisations in research;
  • The publication of research in academic journals; and
  • Disseminating research findings through webinars, masterclasses, Institute Insights publication and our annual conference.

We are keen to engage with academics and researchers from a wide variety of disciplines, including but not limited to law, criminology, sociology, policing, psychology, organisational, business and management studies who are willing and able to support the financial crime prevention community with their insights.

Please note that The Institute at this time is not able to provide research funding.

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