Financial crime prevention is a demanding field, with its unique set of challenges, from dealing with complex and evolving criminal tactics to facing ethical dilemmas and navigating bureaucratic hurdles. Our work matters - both to the institutions we are a part of and broader society. And we know that there are very real consequences of getting it wrong. 

This unique melting pot, of a fast-paced, high pressure environment where our every day decisions really matter can be stressful overwhelming and lead us to burn out. On the flip side, with awareness and robust strategies to manage the stressors the industry provides amazing opportunities to have a dynamic, successful and fulfilling career with purpose and longevity.

In this webinar, Tonya Malone (Life, Career and Burnout Coach) will talk about strategies to manage stress, anxiety and prevent burnout meaning you can:

  • protect your mental and physical health;
  • have clarity of mind, therefore improving your decision-making capability and performance and allowing you to be present in your personal life; and 
  • ultimately have a long, fulfilling and successful career in the financial crime space.

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