The Institute Digest 7/9/22

Posted on September 7, 2022
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The Institute AML and Financial Crime Digest #81 - 7/9/22

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Business as usual or storms on the horizon? A mid-year review of the SFO's achievements and pressure points for 2022 - by Shula de Jersey and Matt Davies

The SFO is pushing reform for the UK’s current disclosure framework

Organizations are spending billions on #malware defense that’s easy to bypass

The Court of Appeal considers an approach to damages for deceit claims

An explosion of Online Gambling strains Financial Crime Regulators

Financial Action Task Force (FATF) reveals guidance on #AML risks in the #Property Market

As Passport #Fraud Rises, Are Hard-Copy Documents to be trusted in the #KYC process?

#Crypto exchanges in the UK face more reporting requirements over #sanctions breaches

AML advice to the regulated sector - John Binns on considerations businesses should have when getting established

The owner of Ladbrokes has been fined £17mn money laundering breaches. A comment by Niall Hearty

"While there’s no doubt AI/ML are beneficial... there’s an urgent need to bolster AML processes, the challenge is implementing them across a large organisation" - Colin Bristow

Michael Foster, the 25-year-old accused of Fraud and money laundering, and one of the UK's most-wanted, has been extradited to the UK

#HSBC not liable for al-Qaeda suicide attack at CIA base

A picture of how “traditional” and virtual organised crime and money laundering typologies are merging

Reporting to OFSI: what do I need to do?

The majority of financial services professionals are only ‘somewhat confident’ in their AML procedures -

Trafficking gang laundered millions through Vietnamese student accounts and nail bars

Economic fraudsters: shapeshifters who adapt their crime to fit the tech

Research: The abuse of #hawala #banking for terrorist financing in German-speaking countries

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