The Institute Digest 7/2/23

Posted on February 7, 2023
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The Institute AML and Financial Crime Digest #94 - 7/2/23

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A look back: the top developments in regulatory compliance in 2022 - Saeed Patel ACMA CGMA

Criminal Investigations In 2023: What to watch out for - Zoe Osborne

UK warns foreign companies about the passing of the deadline to declare beneficial ownership...

...even as few sanctioned Russian oligarchs disclose ownership

SteelEye analysed penalties issued by #regulators around the world to create a snapshot of fines for #compliance failures in 2022

Kenneth Rijock on Shelf Companies - How Money Launderers use 'aged entitites'

Trade-Based Money Laundering: A Global Challenge - A policy memo by Global Financial Integrity, Fedesarrollo, Transparency International Kenya and ACODE (PDF)

‘Something must be done!’ The #crypto regulatory challenge for 2023. Philip Middleton asks if the threats are dire enough to warrant drastic regulatory action?

If #scammers exploit #ChatGPT for #fraud, our response to digital crime must also use #ai - Martin Rehak -

£2bn #bitcoin fiduciary duty case to go to trial

EY says it does not owe ‘duty of care’ to taxman.

SEON Fraud Fighters acquires AML specialist Complytron

Harinder Sudan says modernising #KYC and #Screening hasn't worked and asks what next?

UK plans for a digital asset hub take a more cautious tone than the vision laid out last year.

#ChatGPT in Anticorruption Research - Dieter Zinnbauer

Nedim Hogic: Making #Corruption a National Security Issue: Will it change enforcement dynamics?

FCA warns crypto execs could face 2 years in jail for breaching financial promotion rules

Kenneth Rijock: Money Laundering through fine #art and how to detect it

Editorial: The Court of Justice of the #EU and the beginning of the end for corporate transparency? - Dr. Dominic Thomas-James

Research: Evolution of #cannabis #regulations and the overlooked link with money laundering

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