The Institute Digest 21/2/23

Posted on February 21, 2023
Archive : February 2023
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Guidehouse | Beyond | Lucinity | Complyport | Efficient Frontiers International - Learn More: (PDF)

38 essential Podcasts for AML and Financial Crime (PDF)

Chainalysis 2023 Crypto Crime Report

British Art Market Federation Guidance on #AML for UK Art Market participants (PDF)

How a criminal gang in Kent got rid of £26 million of gold in 1983

Kenneth Rijock: Why is no one teaching tradecraft to frontline compliance officers anymore?

Beyond the spread of #disinformation, the implications of AI-powered synthetic identities for fraud and financial crime will be profound

Total value of UK #fraud returns to pre-pandemic levels

Tax agency stopped from operating by HM Revenue & Customs

Russian spear #phishing campaign escalates

High Court: UK #sanctions do not preclude entry of judgments in favour of Russian sanctioned parties - Lloyd Firth

Nigel Morris-Cotterill: is pKYC new wine in old bottles?

Enforcement news in global counter-terrorism finance

Affordability checks: An open goal for illegal bookmakers?

Risk Orchestration: Debunking Myths Surrounding The Financial Crime Tool - Nina Kerkez, MBA, CAMS

High Court: Clarifying the risks for firms operating in the UK being criminally investigated in respect of human rights abuses occurring in their overseas supply chains.

Why we should be very afraid of #Corruption in the reconstruction of #Ukraine

Podcast: Robert Barrington interviews Luís de Sousa, Professor of Anticorruption Practice at University of Sussex’s Centre for the Study of Corruption

A subsidiary of embedded banking platform Railsr is being investigated by the Bank of Lithuania over concerns it has been "grossly and systematically" violating money laundering and terrorist financing laws

The UK Tax Reform Council has announced a campaign against Bank of England’s new plans for Central Bank Digital Currency

Revolut, run by Nikolay Storonsky, raises alarm over delayed accounts, regulatory action, Russian ties

Sikoia raises $6m in seed funding for its onboarding and risk assessment proposition provided by MassMutual Ventures, Coalition Capital, Earlybird Venture Capital and Seedcamp.

Operation Vulcan is Greater Manchester Police's operation to clean up the area known as 'Counterfeit Street'

Hogan Lovells Consumer #NFT Guide

The Underside of the Coin: Illicit Finance Risks in Virtual Assets - Richard Goldberg and Alex Levitov

THE FINANCIAL CONDUCT AUTHORITY has used its powers to enter and inspect several sites around Leeds suspected of hosting illegally operated crypto ATMs.

Ukraine issues a new appeal to Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to exclude #Russia and blacklist it as a high-risk jurisdiction

#Uzbekistan: Trio Arrested For Trying To Sell Mercury, Radioactive Materials For $1Million

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