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Posted on September 15, 2022
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The Institute AML and Financial Crime Digest #82 - 15/9/22

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The Institute Annual Conference 2022:

Fighting Financial Crime – The Force Multiplier Effect: Speech by Sarah Pritchard, FCA Executive Director

Pierre Brochet explains how Directors of Overseas Companies may be impacted by the Economic Crime Act 2022

Julia Penny: my first quarter as ICAEW President

5 steps for effective sanctions screening

If payments #fraud’s current trajectory is maintained fraudulent transactions will amount to over $38bn by 2027. Panteha Pedram addressess the challenge.

John Binns discusses "The Public Sector Fraud Authority – Could it be the next Big Thing?"

Only 15% of BBLS fraud has been investigated in the last two years.

UK express trusts must now register under #AML laws

Why a values-based approach to #anticorruption is a paradigm shift - Caitlin Handron

5 ways the UK may become a #crypto hub under Liz Truss

The outsized impact of #blockchain on finance

Alameda Research is a little-scrutinized power player in virtual currencies and some say some it benefitting from a dearth of regulation

One of Europe’s biggest money launderers arrested in Spain

Q&A: Managing #AI in the financial services sector

The NCA is seeking to recover almost £54m from two #Barclays accounts over concerns it was obtained through fraud and money laundering.

Steve Bannon charged with fraud, conspiracy and money laundering

The US Treasury #sanctions 10 individuals and 2 entities for their roles in conducting malicious cyber attacks

India: 100+ apps outwitted FIU, sent thousands of crores to China

#Australia financial crimes regulator opens investigation into Entain

Research: The use of predictive modeling to identify relevant features for suspicious activity reporting - Emmanuel Hayble-Gomes

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