The Institute Digest 12/7/22

Posted on July 12, 2022
Archive : July 2022
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The Institute AML and Financial Crime Digest #71 - 12/7/22

5 Problems with Economic Crime Policing – and How to Solve Them - Helena Wood

OFSI seeks to assist the efforts of humanitarian actors in Ukraine

Finding opportunity in a world of uncertainty - Speech by Sarah Pritchard, FCA

SRA to boost fining powers by over 1,000% to £25k

As the war on money laundering rages, Finance Monthly asks what practical changes might tip the scales

Set to launch next year, #AMLA will oversee and coordinate a new chapter in the EU’s fight against corporate crime

William Holmes takes a deep dive into the latest legal developments surrounding #NFTs

"We are the first continent to have crypto-asset regulation.... #MiCA will be a global standard setter." - Stefan Berger MEP

Richard Kemp and Paul Longhurst ask, why is opening new files so easy for some firms and so hard for others?

The US AID publishes a draft of what it calls a 'Dekleptification Guide'.

Get the draft Guide:

Letters: Grappling with dirty money - Max Heywood

#Corruptiom at Uber

Niall Hearty on the latest developments in the Patisserie Valerie saga

#AML firm Lucinity Completes $17 Million Series B Funding...

...Meanwhile ID-Pal secures €7 million in Series A funding round.