The Institute Digest 11/1/23

Posted on January 11, 2023
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The Institute AML and Financial Crime Digest #90 - 11/1/23

Happy New Year!

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#Fincrime, #Sanctions and #Fraud - 2022 in Review - Chris Ladusans

Fraud and Financial Crimes: 5 trends to watch in 2023

2022 end-of-year update on regulatory regimes for #VASPs and dealers in precious metals and stones (PDF)

An editorial by Christoph Wronka and Barry Rider in The Journal of Financial Crime provides an overview of the Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime

Clare Montgomery of Matrix Chambers suggests the CPS and SFO should merge to better fight major financial crime.

Tom Burroughes - Danske's dirty money settlement shows complacency isn't an option

On Companies House new identity verification process

Financial Services’ inconvenient need for #WhatsApp Archiving - Harriet Christie

Russian oligarchs face $95bn black hole thanks to sanctions

Using multi-channel solutions to prevent open finance fraud - Daniel Marchetti

Legacy systems put estate agents at risk of money laundering and fraud

The FTX Collapse and the Risks of #Crypto #CorruptionMicah Rosen

How lack of oversight increases the odds of corruption in Sports Gambling - Katherine Kennedy

Latest on the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill - Andrew Reeves, Claudia Culley and Beth Greenwood

FCA fines GT Bank £7.8 million for serious #AML compliance failings

Danish police arrest 135 people on suspicion of laundering money defrauded from elderly people.

#KYC Software Market to reach $9.5 billion by 2028

The National Crime Agency (NCA) advertises for a #cyptocurrency investigator

Neil Cahill and William Glover on an ongoing row between Ireland and the European Public Prosecutor’s Office

#Coinbase reaches $100M settlement over background check failures

The trouble with #auditing crypto firms

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