The Institute Digest (Bank Holiday Edition) 29/8/22

Posted on August 29, 2022
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The Institute AML and Financial Crime Digest #80 - Bank Holiday Edition - 29/8/22

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The Institute September Meeting - hosted by Womble Bond Dickinson (UK) LLP

On 28/8, Financial Action Task Force (FATF) issued an updated schedule of all #AML/#CFT ratings - via Ray Todd and the excellent

UK regulatory fines slump after #pandemic logjam

Matthew Poli provides some important updates on The Register of Overseas Entities

Nigel Morris-Cotterill Comment on Kong v Gulf International Bank - internal audit compared with #whistleblowing

A #malware toolkit, known as #Pipedream, is perhaps the most versatile tool ever made to target critical infrastructure

Holistic #Fraud Case Management

Niall Hearty details the conviction of an Investment Manager who orchestrated a £100 Million Fraud

John Binns offers a practical guide to the complex nature of money laundering investigations...

...and also takes a look at the UK's new Overseas Entities Register: Will The Sledgehammer Crack The Nut?

An interview with Richard J. Witismann, Founder and CEO of Regulatory Compliance Associates (RCA)

Uncovering #data relationships to better track Russian money: Neo4j’s Alicia Frame explains.

Institute supporter Lucinity has hired Cate Wright to strengthen its customer success team

How I used #deepfakes to bypass security verifications in a bank - Timur Yunusov

New Report Reveals the Potential Value of Bank Assured Identity

Project CRAAFT event: Reassessing the Financing of Terrorism in 2022 (RAFT22)

Stephen Sargeant provides some surprising details about the case of 3 men charged with defrauding Banks and Cryptocurrency exchanges of more than $4mn

#Nuns from The Phillipines among 16 charged with terrorism financing

#Germany comes up short in latest Financial Action Task Force (FATF) report...

...and sets out plans to start a new country-wide financial crime authority

Research: Financial inclusion washing

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